O2Jam V3 Update – 29 July 2018

============ SONG PACK UPDATE #2 ============

Now available for download. This includes:

Top 5 Votes in Voting Poll:

Title: Like OOH-AHH
Artist: TWICE
Notecharter: HaNu
Level: 71/71/71

Title: Chronos no Mori -battle mix-
Artist: Suzuki Saeko with TOMISIRO
Notecharter: Genesis
Level: 89/89/89

Title: volcanic
Artist: DETRO
Notecharter: jz
Level: 86/45/86

Title: Hikaru Nara
Artist: Goose House
Notecharter: Wewoj
Level: 78/78/78

Artist: TJ.Hangnail
Notecharter: TH
Level: 121/121/121

4 Songs Selected By O2Jam V3 Team:

Title: Night of Knights
Artist: BeatMARIO
Notecharter: Mikki
Level: 19/25/31

Title: D2
Notecharter: Glenn Joseph
Level: 3/15/31

Title: Etude for the Sinners
Artist: Ice
Notecharter: romnick100 & nimbuskid
Level: 2/7/37

Title: Re: End of a Dream
Artist: uma vs. モリモリあつし
Notecharter: nightshroud
Level: 15/33/56

1 Bonus Song (Will be available until next update):

Title: Bboom Bboom
Notecharter: Schoolgirl
Level: 50/50/50

2 Updated Songs:

L’amour Et La Liberte
-Updated loading screen for fresh look.

Cool Edition
-Changed level from 50/50/135 to 22/22/54 (Notes are the same, just level number adjustments)


========== OTHER SONG PACK UPDATE ===========

Song Pack #5 (Partial)
-Updated for catch up with L’amour Et La Liberte’s update.

Song Pack #11 (Partial)
-Updated for catch up with Cool Edition’s update.

Full Song Pack
-Update for catch up with Song Pack Update #2’s update.

================= SONG LIST =================

Now available on our Facebook Page!
You can now browse the list for your favorite songs sorted by song pack!
Just check the link below to access:

LINK: Song List


Thank you for playing O2Jam V3, and enjoy the game!