O2Jam V3 Update – October 2018

O2Jam V3 Update – October 2018

9 New Songs!

Title: SAtAN
Composer/Artist: P*Light
Note: Lenye
Level: 8/22/44


Title: The King of Lions
Composer/Artist: Camellia
Note: Lenye
Level: 34/34/48


Title: Messier 333
Composer/Artist: sun3
Note: G-Jöck
Level: 13/28/42


Title: B.B.K.K.B.K.K.
Composer/Artist: nora2r
Note: Scoiz.E
Level: 8/19/30


Title: Schrodinger’s Cat
Composer/Artist: Cait Sith
Note: Glenn Joseph
Level: 23/33/48


Title: 3rd Avenue
Composer/Artist: Sound Souler
Note: LucidKarn
Level: 4/13/27


Title: Requiem
Composer/Artist: Eyemedia
Note: LucidKarn
Level: 4/16/31


Title: Luka Luka Night Fever
Composer/Artist: samfree ft. Luka Megurine
Note: Mr.Azaness007
Level: 10/20/34


Title: Heaven is a Place on Earth
Composer/Artist: fripSide
Note: nightshroud
Level: 40/58/75
Info: Replaces the old one, and changed ID from 1534 to 2804

6 Returning Songs!


Title: Cold Scream
Composer/Artist: pory
Note: NoteFactory
Level: 1/9/17


Title: Until you come back
Composer/Artist: Impact Line
Note: Impact Line
Level: 4/10/13


Title: A Geisha’s Dream (Extended Version)
Composer/Artist: Naoki feat. SMiLE.dk
Note: corenik
Level: 50/50/50


Title: [LN] U&I ~Yuuhi no Kirei Naano Oka De~
Composer/Artist: Hyakkoku Hajime
Note: corenik
Level: 30/30/30


Title: Fortuna on The Sixteenth Night
Composer/Artist: fripSide
Note: Mr.Azaness007
Level: 13/24/35


Title: Magus Night
Composer/Artist: dBu
Note: RubyTheSpammer
Level: 12/36/52

1 Bonus Song!


Title: Future Gazer -Another-
Composer/Artist: fripSide
Note: nightshroud
Level: 28/28/40

3 Updated Songs!


Kotoba Tsunagi
-Changed loading screen for fresh look
-Updated song information
-Changed ID from 1754 to 2408


Sacrament of Wilderness
-Changed loading screen for fresh look
-Changed ID from 1547 to 2805


Hikaru Nara
-Changed ID from 4018 to 2409

1 Removed Song… 

Removed from the song list
-Added to song archive


Other notes:

Song Packs are now updated to latest version. This includes:

  • Full Song Pack
  • Partial and Update Song Pack

Manual Patch is now available in downloads page. Instructions are in our downloads page.