O2Jam V3 Update – November 2018

O2Jam V3 Update – November 2018 

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If you opt for Song Packages, please download O2Jam V3 Song Update #05.

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If you’re a new player who happens to read this, Full Song Pack is more than enough to cover all songs in the list!

14 New Songs!


Title: Ga1ahad and Scientific Witchery
Composer/Artist: Mili
Note: Lenye
Level: 8/17/28


Title: Kick-Ass Kung-Fu Festival
Composer/Artist: t+pazolite
Note: Lenye
Level: 19/35/50


Title: Aventyr
Composer/Artist: Grand Thaw
Note: Erox ft Lucid
Level: 6/23/33


Title: The Last Illusion
Composer/Artist: Kiryu
Note: NIE
Level: 6/23/33


Title: Valedict
Composer/Artist: void
Note: kinloong & EK
Level: 10/19/36


Title: Shining Collection
Composer/Artist: Iceman
Note: RubyTheSpammer
Level: 5/24/50


Title: Nageki no Ki
Composer/Artist: DJ Taka
Note: 74HD Group
Level: 11/18/24


Title: End Time
Composer/Artist: Cres
Note: nerv
Level: 8/14/27


Title: fffff [O2 Version]
Composer/Artist: Five Hammer
Note: Mephisto
Level: 14/24/34


Title: Samurai Discotheque -LD Mix-
Composer/Artist: Lix
Note: Grayburg
Level: 10/17/25


Title: Kolibre
Composer/Artist: Maksim Mrvica
Note: ZaneTheodore+Andulus
Level: 25/30/36


Title: Beard the Lion in His Den
Composer/Artist: Falcom Sound Team jdk
Note: Grim Reaper
Level: 12/18/26


Title: Forever
Composer/Artist: Savage Genius
Note: Yumel The Lightkeeper
Level: 32/32/32


Title: Goldrop
Composer/Artist: NAGI* feat. MAIKA
Note: Destiny19
Level: 73/73/73


1 Returning Song!

Title: Nopea
Composer/Artist: Leit.
Level: 25/36/52


2 Updated Songs!


  • Fixed time information bug.


Koakuma Apple (Eurobeat Remix)

  • Fixed time information bug.


Other notes:

Song Packs are now updated to latest version. This includes:

  • Full Song Pack
  • Partial and Update Song Pack