O2Jam V3 Update – December 2018 Part 1

O2Jam V3 Update – December 2018 

Download now! The update song pack can be found in our Downloads Page.

If you opt for Song Packages, please download by clicking Song Packages -> O2Jam V3 Song Update #06.

If you opt for Individual Download, please browse Update Song Pack #06 folder.

If you’re a new player who happens to read this, Full Song Pack is more than enough to cover all songs in the list!

9 New Songs!

Title: Eternal Star -Red Star Remix-
Composer/Artist: Y.W
Note: Mr.Azaness007
Level: 6/18/33


Title: The Asterisk War
Composer/Artist: Nishizawa Shiena
Note: Mr.Azaness007
Level: 6/13/29

Title: Folktales Princess
Composer/Artist: nao ft. RYU (BLOOD STAIN CHILD)
Note: Mr.Azaness007
Level: 21/38/59

Title: Be There
Composer/Artist: PSYQUI
Note: Lenye
Level: 6/20/28

Title: Amphisbaena
Composer/Artist: Mitsuyoshi Takenobu no Ani
Note: nightshroud
Level: 76/76/76

Title: Sense
Composer/Artist: Kawada Mami
Note: HIGH
Level: 58/58/58

Title: I Am
Composer/Artist: Hitomi
Note: Genesis
Level: 65/65/65

Title: Merry Christmas, Mr.Lawrence
Composer/Artist: Sasakure UK
Note: TH
Level: 75/75/75

Title: Black Hole -III-
Composer/Artist: m1dy
Note: »îËÀÈË¡Ì
Level: 81/81/81

4 Returning Songs

Title: Christmas This Year
Composer/Artist: TobyMac Feat. Leigh Nash
Note: nightshroud
Level: 6/14/28

Title: Tsuki ni Murakumo Hana ni Kaze
Composer/Artist: Iceon ft senya
Note: Lenye
Level: 22/32/40

Title: Melt (Nagi ver.)
Composer/Artist: Supercell
Note: Genesis
Level: 79/79/79

Title: Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi
Composer/Artist: KOTOKO
Note: nightshroud
Level: 72/72/72

2 Bonus Songs

Find them lmao

5 Removed Songs

The following songs are removed from the server, and is moved to archive list

  • Bright Stream
  • Crossover
  • A Solution to Jealousy
  • Yume Maboroshi (HGS Edition)
  • Holography (HGS Edition)

Other Updates

Song Files

  • Full Song Pack is now updated to latest version.
  • Fixed Song Pack #04 missing one song.
  • Updated Song Pack #09 for Bright Stream and Crossover.
  • Updated Song Pack #10 for A Solution to Jealousy, Yume Maboroshi (HGS Edition) and Holography (HGS Edition)
  • Inidividual Songs now includes Update Pack #06

Songs List

  • Now uses Google Sheets, instead of pastebin links.