O2Jam V3 Update – December 2018 Part 1.1

Minor update for December 2018.

Download now! The update song pack can be found in our Downloads Page.

If you opt for Song Packages, please download by clicking Song Packages -> O2Jam V3 Song Update #06.

If you opt for Individual Download, please browse Update Song Pack #06 folder.

If you’re a new player who happens to read this, Full Song Pack is more than enough to cover all songs in the list!

Song Files

Song Update #05

  • Removed AiAe and Koakuma Apple (Eurobeat Remix) from the song pack. These songs can now be downloaded from the following:
    • Individual Songs
    • Song Pack #08

Individual Songs

  • Added We Are Electric and Grand Blue to Update Pack #06. These songs aren’t hidden at all, but can be downloaded first via Launcher. They are also available through Full Song Pack and O2Jam V3 Song Update #06.


  • O2Jam V3 Song Update #06 music list is now included in the sheets. Just use the arrows to navigate between sheets, and find the said song pack.
  • Full Song Pack is now updated, and includes O2Jam V3 Song Update #06 music list. This is still sorted by IDs.
    • To see the list, please visit our downloads page, and click the “here” hyperlink: