O2Jam V3 Update – December 2018 Part 2

O2Jam V3 Update – December 2018 Part 2

Download now! The update song pack can be found in our Downloads Page.

If you opt for Song Packages, please download by clicking Song Packages -> O2Jam V3 Song Update #07.

If you opt for Individual Download, please browse Update Song Pack #07 folder.

If you’re a new player who happens to read this, Full Song Pack is more than enough to cover all songs in the list!

9 New Songs!

Title: Identity part III
Composer/Artist: SHK.o2SE
Note: SHK.o2SE
Level: 7/18/24

Title: Reminiscence
Composer/Artist: Nauts
Note: O2O2
Level: 40/40/40

Title: Plasma Strike
Composer/Artist: Kinato
Note: Kuliner
Level: 15/25/56

Title: Visions
Composer/Artist: tsukasa
Note: WhiteAndBlack
Level: 53/53/53

Title: Tsurupettan
Composer/Artist: Kana
Note: Eclipse & Yumel The Lightkeeper
Level: 7/14/24

Title: Euro 2005
Composer/Artist: Audition
Note: Bibir
Level: 37/37/52

Title: Haelequin
Composer/Artist: Orangentle
Note: Erox & Glenn Joseph
Level: 9/22/38

Title: Fantasmagoria
Composer/Artist: MONO
Note: Apenix
Level: 5/17/36

Title: Parodia Sonatina Var. II
Composer/Artist: Ice
Note: Ken Yu
Level: 19/19/47

6 Returning Songs!

Title: Heartbeat ~Perfect Harmony~
Composer/Artist: Luchia, Hanon, & Rina
Note: Rovie Anne & Mr.Azaness007
Level: 28/28/45

Title: Fight 4 Real
Composer/Artist: ALTIMA
Note: Mr.Azaness007
Level: 25/40/55

Title: World Domination
Composer/Artist: DJ Kurt
Note: FF Ken Yu and Shion
Level: 26/26/49

Title: Fly Above [Ryu¡îRemix] Composer/Artist: Ryu / Sota Fujimori
Note: Ken Yu
Level: 50/50/50

Title: Can’t Beat Airman
Composer/Artist: hanatan
Note: WhiteAndBlack & ExiT
Level: 84/84/84

The song count is right, bro.


Song Packs

  • Added O2Jam V3 Song Pack Update #07 to full song pack.

Individual Song

  • Added O2Jam V3 Song Pack Update #07 songs.
  • Added O2Jam V3 Song Pack Update #08 folder.

Manual Patch

  • Now covers updates up to December 2018 Part 2 update.

Song List

  • Full Song Pack list is now updated.
  • Added Update Pack #07 list.