O2Jam V3 Update – December 2018 Part 3

O2Jam V3 Update – December 2018 Part 3

Before year 2018 to end, let’s have another update for O2Jam V3.

Top 20 Song Election – Submission Stage will go live, today @ 9:15pm GMT +8:00.

Just join in our Facebook Group for instructions. (Here)


2 Bonus Songs

NOTE: These songs are now available in Song Update Pack #07.

Title: Mr.Brightside
Composer/Artist: The Killers
Note: Genesis
Level: 80/80/80
Info: This bonus song is requested from the previous event. (Here)

Title: Fatally
Composer/Artist: KOTOKO
Note: nightshroud
Level: 10/23/34

1 Updated Chart

Euro 2005

  • Changed level from 37/37/52 to 24/24/38


Song Packs

  • Added Fatally and Mr.Brightside to Full Song Pack and Song Update #07.


  • Added Indefinitely, Fatally and Mr.Brightside to Update Pack #07

Manual Patch

  • Now covers updates up to December 2018 Part 3 update.

Song List

  • Full Song Pack list is now updated.
  • Update Pack #07 list is now updated.

Bonus Songs

  • Bonus Songs starting from October 2018 will be removed around February 2019.

Happy holidays, and have a great, new year! 🙂