O2Jam V3 Event – 2019 Tournament

O2Jam V3 Event – 2019 Tournament

Hello players!

We are happily announce that there will be a tournament for O2Jam V3!

Display your skills in the said tournament, and win our grand prize, Ducky Shine 6 Mechanical Keyboard!

How To Join?

Simply fill up the details below:

In-game name: 
Facebook URL: 
Your in-game avatar screenshot:

And send those detail via email:

Subject: [O2Jam V3 Tournament] – Registration – <in-game name>
Email: o2v3_mindie@v3-games.org

Deadline for registration is on 1 February 2019.

Requirements for joining:

  • Avatar level should be at least Level 25 on Grand Finals day.
  • Must join in  our Facebook Group (Click here to visit the group)
  • Must send their registrations details via email.
    • Facebook PMs will not be catered, even if you know the admins.
  • Disposable emails will not be entertained.

Event Date

First day of the event is on 2 February 2019. (Every Saturday, GMT +8:00)
Last day of the event is on 23 February 2019. (Grand finals)
Prize will be given on March 2019.



If you are qualified for registration, on the event day, there will be four rooms created by our GMs. Simply join on one of the rooms, and compete with other players.

About competing with other players, you will compete against other players. If you win on a song, you gain one point. 10 songs will be played for each room, every event day.

Collect points until you reach the day of grand finals. The top 6 players that have most points collected will play on the day of grand finals (26 February 2019)

On grand finals, the 6 players will compete against each others (this excludes the host). First one to gain 5 points will win, and will claim our prize.



Song levels are ranging from Levels 15 up to 40. This is for other players to be able to join fairly against experienced players.

BPM range is unrestricted, so, enjoy any songs within the level range.

Arrangement/Visibility rings will not be used, as for other players to play against experienced players fairly.


Some notes to follow:

  • Players must ensure that they will not get disconnected in-game.
    • Disconnecting will not gain you any point, and will ruin the flow of the tournament.
  • If there are enough players registered, the event will be cancelled.
  • If there are enough players in four room, the event will be cancelled. (7 players per room, 6 participants, 1 host)


Prize claiming

  • If you are living overseas (we are located in the Philippines), shipping fee for the prize will be shouldered by one of our GMs.
  • If you are living locally, you can opt for a meet up or shipping. Shipping fee for the prize will be shouldered by one of our GMs.

If there are questions/inquiries, please send to the email below:

  • o2v3_aili@v3-games.org
  • o2v3_mindie@v3-games.org

Thank you guys, and have a great day.