O2Jam V3 Update – February 2019

O2Jam V3 Update – February 2019


  • December 2018 event winners of 500,000 gems are now credited to the following players:
    • LumangTao
    • SLowHanZ
  • Eliminated players from 2019 Tournament are credited with 10,000,000 gems. They are:
    • xerkill08
    • ManePakyawPH
    • eXoTiC31
    • nestyfarm
    • dadots123

Song Update

Download now! The update song pack can be found in our Downloads Page.

If you opt for Song Packages, please download by clicking Song Packages -> O2Jam V3 Song Update #09.

If you opt for Individual Download, please browse Update Song Pack #09 folder.

If you’re a new player who happens to read this, Full Song Pack is more than enough to cover all songs in the list!

5 New Songs!

Title: Endless Memory ~Refrain as Da Capo~
Composer/Artist: FripSide
Note: Mr.Azaness007
Level: 11/20/33

Title: Words of the Mind ~Brandnew Journey~
Composer/Artist: m.o.v.e
Note: CRS
Level: 28/35/50

Title: Reincarnation
Composer/Artist: Yozuca & Faylan
Note: Masquerade7
Level: 55/55/55

Title: Renai Circulation
Composer/Artist: Kana Hanazawa
Note: CRS
Level: 10/17/25

Title: Nyaa
Composer/Artist: OR3O
Note: MS0327
Level: 10/18/38

1 Returning Song!

Title: Tsubomi
Composer/Artist: Tatsumi Megumi ft. Sano Hiroak
Note: mniii
Level: 77/77/77

2 Updated Songs


  • Changed ID to 2441
  • Fixed various sync issues

Days of Dash

  • Changed ID to 2442
  • Changed BPM to 160
  • Fixed various sync issues
  • Re-noted some parts to fit the new BPM

1 Removed Song

Rainbow Tylenol

  • Moved to song archive
    • If you have some suggestions for the replacement, please send mindie an email.
      • Email: o2v3_mindie@v3-games.org

Full Song Pack

  • Now covers O2Jam V3 Song Update #09

Song Packages

  • Added O2Jam V3 Song Update #09
  • Removed Rainbow Tylenol on O2Jam V3 Song Update #08
  • Updated Xepher on O2Jam V3 Song Update #08
  • Updated Days of Dash on O2Jam V3 Song Update #08

Manual Patch

  • Now covers updates up to February 2019 update.

Song List

  • Full Song Pack list is now updated.
  • Added Update Pack #09 list.