O2Jam V3 Event – 2019 Tournament – Grand Finals

Hello players!

The details regarding grand finals of the tournament are written below.

Before the grand finals, there will be a tiebreaker round between Micokee and Nicks. We will conduct a Best of 3 match between the  two of them.

Songs and Rings (Tiebreaker):

  • The Queen – Hard – Lv. 26 – Mirror
  • SOLROS – Hard – Lv. 31 – Random
  • Real Force – Hard – Lv. 35 – Panic

The winner of the tiebreaker will immediately proceed to grand finals.

For the grand finals, all players are contained in one room, along with the host. First to get 7 points wins the grand finals, and will get our grand prize, Ducky Shine 6.

Starting scores:

Nightshroud’s Room

  • cheewee10 – 0
  • Chaeyoung – 0
  • Trowa – 0
  • Shana – 0
  • Miaa – -3*
  • Tiebreaker Winner – 0

* Penalty for those who didn’t submit their preferences. xD

Songs And Rings:

The songs that will be played are based on the players preferences, like songs that they want to play, and songs that they don’t want to play, and is judged by pick scores.

Starting pick score starts with 0.

Each player that don’t like the song reduces the pick score by 1.

Each player that like the song increases the pick score by 1.

If the total score of the song is greater than or equal to 0, the song will be used for the tournament.

If the total score of the song is less than 0, the song is outright banned from the tournament, and will not be used in the finals.

For the songs list, and ring assignments, please view the document here:


The document contains three sheets:

  • The first sheet is the player’s preferences for songs.
  • The second sheet is the total scores per song.
  • The third sheet is the playing order of the songs, with ring assignment for each song.
    • Please take note that the ring assignments are in random, and not favoring anyone for the assignment.

If there are questions, please send me a message through our page, or if you know where to find me on Facebook, go ahead lmao.

Good luck guys, and let’s have a sportsmanship in this game.

Thank you!