O2Jam V3 2019 Tournament – Post Tournament

First Place

First and foremost, congratulations to our first champion of our tournament, O2Jam V3 2019 Tournament. Thank you for joining:

  • cheewee10 – Ducky Shine 6 Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Brown)


For the second place, congratulations, and you will receive PHP 1,000 (roughly USD 20). thank you for joining:

  • Chaeyoung – PHP 1,000

Third place, congratulations! You got PHP 500 (roughly USD 10). Thank you for joining

  • Trowa – PHP 500

For the fourth and fifth place, congratulations! You got PHP 250 (around USD 5 xD). Thank you for joining:

  • Micokee
  • Shana

We will send you the details for claiming the prize once everything is prepared. Thank you. 🙂


All participants for the grand finals will receive 10,000,000 gems, 10,000 Vp, and O2MO/O2MI suit, depending on the gender of the avatar. Congratulations!

  • cheewee10
  • Chaeyoung
  • Trowa
  • Micokee
  • Shana
  • Miaa

Another player, the one was not able to attend, will receive 10,000,000 gems and 10,000 Vp. Congratulations, and thank you for joining:

  • Nicks

Thank you

To our GMs and moderators (Tzuyu, Tsukki, Espe, Sunako, etc.) who freed their time to host and monitor the tournament weeks, thank you!

To our executives (Mizuki, Ifrit, etc.) who made this tournament possible, thank you.

To our glorious image editor for the tournament (Glenn), thank you!

And of course, to all players, spectators of the tournament, thank you!

May you continue to support, and enjoy playing O2Jam!


Thank you very much!